Sterling Silver Snake Chain Necklace – Extra Long – Movable Sterling Silver Beads


1020mm long, 1.6mm thickness, with 5 Sterling Silver round and oval gliders.

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This is a long snake chain 1.6mm thick with movable sterling silver beads.There is silicone inside sterling silver. There are five small beads and one clasp bead in the front.

The movable sterling silver silicone bead in front and two oval sterling silver beads at the end work as the clasps. I melted the ends of oval beads so that they cannot come off the chain in order to prevent the other beads from coming off.

This is a popular item as it is very versatile and can be worn many ways as the beads can be put in many places. You can even wear it as a bracelet.

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Approx. 9 grams


sterling silver