The Last of 2023 Stalls – Guilford + Farnham x 2

So, I am finally on the last straight for this year. Tomorrow and Saturday are indoors – which makes it easer. Funyard Events Makers’ Market at Holy Trinity Church at the top of Guildford High Street and Anytime Artisan at the Ivy Lane Club off Farnham Downing Street.

Then there’s the BIG ONE – Farnham Christmas Market – the main event for me! I will be outdoor – next to the stage at the bottom of Castle Street. That is always a very busy market.

Since the very busy market at Haslemere last weekend and the website orders that followed from it, I have been trying to replenish my stock. Quite an intense week of stock making for me for the last four days. Now my son, Mune is taking the photos of the new pieces so that they can be listed and given the all important barcodes. As the large majority of what I make are one off, they all need to be separately listed. This made keeping track of my stock a total nightmare until Mune and Saiichi created a barcode and labelling system. Now I know prices of all my pieces and when pieces are sold face to face, they are automatically marked on the website so that I will avoid the awkward situation of someone buying already-sold items online. All those hang-tags on every piece can be a challenge in terms of my display, but without them, I will be even more chaotic (if that was possible) at my stall!

I also stashed up a good supply of gift boxes and the little paper carrier bags with my logo – which customers buying gifts are pleased with. I just hope that the weather will be kind on Monday…

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