Customer Inspirations

One of the things I enjoy the most at face to face interactions with my customers at events is hearing their creative ideas – how they want me to customise my pieces.

One of my most popular range is “Ribbon” bangles – twisted like waves or a ribbon in sterling silver, brass and copper to form a triple-colour set.

The idea of a triple-colour set itself came from a customer who wanted a sterling silver version of what she had. This developed into a combination of silver, copper and brass. (I of course could make them in silver, rose gold and gold but my finance would not currently stretch to buying pure gold or rose gold!)

The other popular range is the robust wide copper “open cuff” design, which is unisex.

Then I had a customer at Godalming Christmas Festival who wanted an open cuff version of the “Ribbon” bangle in copper.

What a great idea! So, I have made a medium version and a large/chunky version as hers and his.

I have a vision of a nice couple picking those up as a gift to each other hopefully later this week…

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