Gazebo Disaster

Wow! What a gust of wind!! We were expecting a busy peak Christmas shopping day crowd at Guildford Bridge Craft Market this morning. The weather forecast said it was going to be mostly sunny.

Then.. WHOOOSH!! Absolutely massive gust of wind hitting us on the bridge. Everything scattered on the floor as kind fellow stallholders came to hold down our gazebo to stop Deborah and I from being blown off into the River Wey from the bridge with our wares. It was positively scary.

Our day had to be cut short as we needed to be rescued.

Here is a photo of the casualty – the leg of my 6 months old gazebo torn off by the wind and the canopy frame twisted. I am happy to report that the lovely people at Rock Awning gave me a discount for buying replacement leg and the gazebo is now back in service!



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